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Radio Theory Handbook

A Systems Approach to Programmable Controllers

Fundamentals of Electricity

radiob5.jpg (19256 bytes)RADIO THEORY HANDBOOK
for Amateur Operators 5th Edition
By Fred Swainston ISBN: 0 646 35449 5

This book has been written as a study guide to cover the Australian Communications Authority syllabus for Australian Standard and Advanced Theory Amateur Operator Certificates of Proficiency. The book contains the theory necessary to pass the examinations to become an amateur radio operator.

The material presented in this book has been written to be concise and easy to understand with the view to provide the reader with a holistic understanding of radio and electronics.

The intention is to assist those who have little or no knowledge of radio theory or electronics, but also to be a useful reference to those working in the radio and electronics industry. It is expected that the book could be used as a complete self contained study guide or in classroom facilitator led sessions. Computer based training packages have been developed to supplement the contents of the book.

The subjects in the book have been presented in a logical sequence with test questions at the end of each chapter, covering key points in the text. A separate chapter relating to the mathematics required in radio and electronics has been included to assist those studying for the examinations.

100's of Sample theory questions selected from the examination question banks have been included for both Standard and Amateur Operator Certificate of Proficiency.

Now includes the regulations CD tutorial. All you need to pass the regulations examination.

The Radio Theory Hand Book covers:

Matter and Electricity
DC Circuits
Cells and Batteries
Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
AC Circuits
Vacuum Tube Theory
DC Measurements
Continuous Wave Transmitters
Amplitude Modulation
Microphones and Speakers
Single Side Band (SSB)
Frequency Modulation
Power Supplies
Interference and Immunity
Transmission Lines
Test Equipment
Modes of Operation and Application
Introduction to Practical Construction

AUST $98.00 including postage in Australia.


By Fred Swainston ISBN 0 17 007662 8

A comprehensive introduction to programmable controllers and their installation, programming and maintenance. It is designed for courses in Industrial Control and Programmable Controllers at the technician level and above. Fred Swainston presents a systems approach to programmable controllers in logical sequence from programmable controller basics to advanced concepts. It provides a wide variety of practical industrial examples throughout.

Among its many other features, A Systems Approach to Programmable Controllers covers:

all major classes and sizes of programmable controllers in current use in industry, with particular emphasis on Allen Bradley, Gould Modicon, and Hitachi:
ladder logic and programming of programmable controllers
advanced and specialised topics including computer numerical control (CNC), numerical control, and process control
data communication issues and protocols

AUST $120.00
USA $136.00



cd_off.jpg (20329 bytes)FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRICITY

By Fred Swainston

This book has been written to cover the theory and application of electrical and electronic principles and practices. The book is ideal as a study guide for persons studying secondary and post secondary courses. The material is concise and easy to understand and will assist the reader in developing a detailed understanding of electrical principles and electronics,

The book has been written to assume the student has little or no prior knowledge of the subject. Sample questions are included in each chapter to enable the reader to test their knowledge as they progress through this book.

Fundamentals of Electricity contains:

Matter and electricity
DC circuits
Electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction
AC circuits
DC measurements
Basic industry applications

This is a three book set consisting of:

Participant Workbook
AUST $20.00
USA $40.00

Trainers Guide
AUST $20.00
USA $40.00

Participant Notes
AUST $20.00
USA $40.00

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