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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a range of education products and services to our clients that will meet their needs and satisfy their requirements which will generate income for the enterprise, while encouraging a positive belief in their organisation's future direction.

To achieve this mission the following principles will be observed:

the provision of quality products and services
the provision of professional service to our customers
the use of technology appropriate to industry
the use of sound educational techniques and practices
attention to detail
a business based on partnerships
ethical business practices
Training and Development

TrainSafe Australia is committed to developing courses that reflect the needs of customers, and where appropriate TrainSafe Australia will provide assistance to customers in determining training needs.

Courses developed for TrainSafe Australia customers are competency based using integrated on and off the job delivery strategies. Online course development and assessment as well as off the shelf course material is available.

TrainSafe Australia ensures that all courses developed are mapped against competency standards and relevant enterprise requirements. This ensures that training is nationally recognised, portable, and meets individual needs and the needs of the organisation.

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